7 Stage Filter - RO + UV

·          First stage:  "Sediment 5 micron ": Primary cartridge composed of polypropylene fibers at 5 microns precision to prevent impurities, sand, insects, algae and rust.

·          Second Stage: "GAC": Contains granular activated carbon which adsorbs gases that cause bad odor in water, chlorine and organic substances.

·          Third Stage: "CTO": Composed of carbon block to adsorb chlorine derivatives and organic substances, encapsulated in unwoven fabric at 5 microns precision to ensure the absence of impurities.

·          Fourth Stage: " R.O Membrane" : 75 GPD productivity reverse osmosis element with 0.0001 microns precision to eliminate salts, heavy metals, organic substances, viruses by 99 % rejection.

·          Fifth stage "PCC" : a component of a substance active carbon, manufactured from coconut  to remove any effect of  the process of storage and remove any odors or dissolved gases, bad taste to change the filter.

·          Sixth stage: "calcite" :  A cartridge is divided into 3 parts of carbon and rock particles and bio-ceramic to remove any residual chlorine taste or smell and also add a range of useful minerals extracted from the mineral-rich rocks.

·          Seventh stage" Ultra Violet" : uv unit is using to remove bacteria and fungi by destroy the DNA and stopping its harmful effect in water by sending a small-length ray to be suitable with the microorganism and to be not harmful for health. 

All components are authorized by the Egyptian Ministry of Health.

·          Membrane made in japan