5 Stages Filter RO

  • First stage:  "Sediment 5 micron ": Primary cartridge composed of polypropylene fibers at 5 microns precision to prevent impurities, sand, insects, algae and rust.
  • Second Stage: "GAC": Contains granular activated carbon which adsorbs gases that cause bad odor in water, chlorine and organic substances.
  • Third Stage: "CTO": Composed of carbon block to adsorb chlorine derivatives and organic substances, encapsulated in unwoven fabric at 5 microns precision to ensure the absence of impurities.
  • Fourth Stage: " R.O Membrane" : 75 GPD productivity reverse osmosis element with 0.0001 microns precision to eliminate salts, heavy metals, organic substances, viruses by 99 % rejection.
  • Fifth stage "PCC" : a component of a substance active carbon, manufactured from coconut  to remove any effect of  the process of storage and remove any odors or dissolved gases, bad taste to change the filter
All components are authorized by the Egyptian Ministry of Health.
Membrane made in japan